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WatchKeeper uses the latest geospatial technology and secure cloud services to map clients assets, employees and internal network-connected systems, alongside third party risk data feeds in real-time, giving organisations and government agencies complete situational awareness via a single pane of glass.

An intuitive real-time monitoring and alerting system notifies risk managers of incidents in close proximity to critical business functions, whilst on-the-fly artificial intelligence provides instant analysis of the incident.  

This holistic common operating picture allows security and supply chain managers to proactively identify and mitigate threats, respond faster to operational impacts and streamline communications from central command centres to on-the-ground personnel. 

WatchKeeper is an integrated service provider, offering a

web-based platform that gives organisations and agencies

complete situational awareness through a single pane of glass

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Corporate Security

WatchKeeper is redefining incident monitoring and response, giving security managers the most comprehensive  global view of  risks facing their organisation.

The platform connects internal real-estate, HR, travel bookings, access control, CCTV and other network-connected systems, giving security managers and crisis responders complete domain awareness of their assets and personnel globally. 


Live mapping of third party risk layers, such as social media, political risk analysis and natural disaster feeds, can generate real-time alerts, notifying security managers of incidents that could threaten the safety of employees or impact business operations.  


Dashboard metrics give instantaneous key metrics on facilities and employees in the impacted area, and integration with mass notification systems ensures rapid staff accounting and efficient business continuity. 


WatchKeeper is redefining how corporate security managers identify and manage risks to their organisations. 

Public Safety

WatchKeeper allows law enforcement and government agencies to fuse multiple information sources, providing  a common operating picture for national interests home and abroad.

Emergency services can track vehicles and pull-up historical incident data layers during dispatch to understand the risk environment, whilst public order and close protection units can prepare route selections and oversee operations in real-time.

On an international scale, WatchKeeper allows government agencies to monitor threats to national interests abroad, notifying security personnel, embassy officials and crisis response teams about terrorist attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters and major transport accidents as soon as they occur.  


By anticipating, identifying and understanding the proximity of risk to expatriates, strategic business interests and tourist hotspots, government agencies can minimise disruption to critical national infrastructure, business investments and, in some cases, prevent loss of life.

Supply Chain Logistics

WatchKeeper provides a holistic end-to-end visualisation of your supply chain and the risk events that could disrupt operations.

All assets are mapped in relation to external factors, such as weather and traffic, to proactively identify potential choke-points or delays to critical shipments by air, land or sea.

Real-time alerts on labour strikes, traffic accidents, violent unrest or natural disasters can help operations managers cut critical decision-cycles, allowing for products in transit to be rerouted or activating alternative suppliers before the competition.  This helps reduce expenses, improve efficiencies, minimise downtime, maintain staff safety, while  ensuring customer demands are met.

WatchKeeper's supply chain risk management solution draws on extensive geo-located operational, natural disaster and political risk data to proactively identify hotspots, allowing operations managers turn  disruption into potential opportunities.



Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Risk Information Partners

WatchKeeper is looking to partner with market-leading risk information vendors and security technology companies to mutually enhance product offerings across client portfolios. Benefits include:

  • New business opportunities through an enhanced product offering for existing and potential customers;

  • Profit share for client introductions that lead to purchase; 

  • Technical support for API integration into WatchKeeper;

  • Free marketing and promotional activities on how your risk information is a key component of risk management for clients using WatchKeeper.


WatchKeeper Receives 

Government Support


WatchKeeper at Geovation

WatchKeeper has been selected as one of three companies for Geovation's GeoTech Accelerator Programme. Over the next 12 months WatchKeeper will receive a range of resources, including access to experienced software developers, geospatial expertise from Ordnance Survey and property expertise from HM Land Registry. They will also receive a small amount of funding to help advance their product.

Geovation is an Ordnance Survey initiative dedicated to supporting open innovation and collaboration using location and property data. Location is at the heart of many of the most successful digital products and services. Land and property is the foundation of the UK's national economy. The Geovation Accelerator Programme is delivered and funded jointly by Ordnance Survey and HM Land Registry.

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