What is StormWatch?

Hurricanes and typhoons are one of the most prominent threats to business disruption and employee life-safety, causing over $330 billion in business disruption and threatening the lives of 157 million people living in major urban areas each year.

When tropical storms occur, corporate security and business continuity managers need to rapidly determine the potential impact to business operations or employee life-safety. However, information on what assets, staff or critical business functions are in close proximity to adverse weather or flood risks can take hours to assemble, as data is often siloed in different departments or held on disparate systems.

To tackle this challenge, WatchKeeper International has partnered with IBM to offer access to StormWatch™, a free real-time situational awareness mapping platform to help organisations prepare and respond more effectively to this year’s hurricane and typhoon season.

Hurricane Dorian - August/September 2019

How it Works

StormWatch™ will allow corporate security and business continuity teams to upload their locations through the web-browser* and visualise them in proximity to real-time weather and flood data through a single mapping display.

Utilising multiple real-time data feeds from industry-leading sources, including IBM’s The Weather Company, the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the National Weather Service (NWS), INRIX, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross (ARC), StormWatch™ will allow crisis management teams to:


  • Identify which facilities are in the projected cone of a tropical storm;

  • Monitor flood sensors in real-time across the United States, receiving automated alerts on rivers flooding within 5 miles of a mapped facility;

  • Monitor power outages in real-time, receiving automated alerts of facilities in within districts experiencing electrical disruptions;

  • View storm warnings and tidal surge alerts from local authorities;

  • Access flood inundation maps for low-lying areas;

  • And locate storm shelters which are open for evacuating residents.

Out-of-the-box functionality provides interactive dashboards, charting and tables to give instantaneous metrics on assets and employees that may be at risk.

StormWatch™ allows organisations to proactively identify and mitigate threats, safeguard employees, respond faster to operational impacts, and streamline communications from security and business continuity teams to on-the-ground personnel.

* To avoid any PII or GDPR concerns, any client’s locations uploaded to StormWatch are stored locally in the user’s web-browser memory, behind the client’s own firewalls. Neither WatchKeeper International nor IBM can access or view any data imported into StormWatch.

Web-Browser Interface

StormWatch™ comes with a simple to use web interface for use on any device. Touch-screen functionality is also enabled for use on larger briefing screens or on tablets and smartphones.

Advanced Geo-Tracing

StormWatch™ enables users to track tropical storms and flood data in real-time. Geo-fencing tools determine the proximity of assets in relation to risk events, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and civil unrest.

Measurement tools help determine the exact proximity of any risk to any asset.

Map-Centric Application

Utilization of the latest geospatial and API technologies gives a fast dynamic viewing experience.

Seamless Data Integration

A simple import wizard allows users to quickly upload company locations into StormWatch™ alongside integrated real-time risk feeds.

Export tools enable users to create briefing documents in Excel or PDF of assets within a geo-fenced area.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards provide instantaneous metrics on assets and employees, whilst interactive charting and tables allow users to filter information by facility type, total headcount or location.

Intuitive Annotation Tools

Drawing tools enable intuitive annotation of the map, to be used for executive briefings or for customised screenshots.


Client-Led Development

StormWatch™ will continue to be developed throughout the tropical storm season between August and November. Users will be offered weekly choices of what new layers and functionality they want to see on the platform, making StormWatch™ a truly client-led platform.

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